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Rothschild Parking

The hotel have an arrangement with Rothschild Parking 
The price is 80nis for 24 hours at the parking the mid week (Sunday - Thursday) 
and 45nis at weekends (Friday-Sat)
Guests are requested to bring their parking ticket from the parking lot.


Parking Address - 1 Rothschild st.

Please note that there is 2 entrance to the parking:

1). From 6 Herzl S

2). From 14 Ahad Haam St

Parking Entrance picture that show you how to get inside to the parking lot.
Link to Waze GPS

Link to Waze  -


*Dear guests, Please know that for your convenience before arriving at the parking lot you can stop by the hotel and unload your luggage and belongings with the help of the hotel staff daily.*
If you would like more questions and requests please feel free to contact us at +972-3-7298729
Best Regards, hotel staff.

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