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the urban garden 

The hotel's urban garden offers accommodation for up to 60 people,
The place contains comfortable seating areas and a refrigerator for alcoholic wines,
Refreshments, hot and cold drinks, free Wi-Fi
And amplification equipment that includes speakers.
The venue is for business meetings, conferences, and private events.
In addition, the place allows to change itself according to the request of the customer
And offers a variety of solutions for unique urban hospitality.

The urban landscape of the garden is a tropical forest within the busy city of Tel Aviv
And it creates an experience of tranquility, peace and tranquility within Tel Aviv city without a break.


photo shoot

Our fashionable and historic hotel brings us professionals in the fields of fashion and design.

From time to time we take photographs and lengths of photographs in the garden and in the entire hotel,

We invite you too! For day-to-day photographs at the hotel whether it's a wedding or whether it's a personal photo book,
We are here for you.


mae cafe
The cafe / coffee shop in front of the hotel is not just another coffee shop,
The hotel has carefully chosen this theme so that you can enjoy it as much as possible
So we chose the mae cafe brand
Cafe Mea - Cafe Mea expands with another branch on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv. The coffee in the place is made of 100% arabica beans, imported from different regions of Costa Rica and settled in the country near its delivery or packing. Fresh sandwiches and pastries can be enjoyed alongside the coffee.


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